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Contact information:


Merry Hearts Ministries

Danny and Teresa Allen

2351 Zacks Mill Road

Angier, North Carolina 27501


919-449-7276 (call or text messaging)





FACEBOOK:  Merry Hearts Ministries



Frequently Asked Questions:


How much do you charge to come and speak ? 


 We don't charge a fee.  We are honored to come and minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ and feel that the Lord has called us to do this to be an encouragement to everyone.  While we do not set a "fee" to come and speak/sing, we are always greatly appreciative for any monetary offerings given to Merry Hearts Ministries that may be used to off-set travel and audio equipment expenses.



Do you just speak to Women's Groups?


No, we minister to all sorts of groups.  Our motto is, "If you don't want us to come, don't ask!"  We are available to minister the Gospel to anyone who will listen.


How in the world did your character Eula Mae Etheleen Ledbetter come about?

You can blame that one on Teresa's best friend, Leigh-Ann Pearce.  They were trying to come up with a skit idea for a pastor's wife appreciation banquet when Teresa made the comment, "Oh, it would be crazy for ME to be a preacher's wife...we would be voted in one week and voted out the next!" And right there, Eula Mae Etheleen Ledbetter and her husband, the Reverend Doctor Deacon Jasper T. Ledbetter, III were born.